Once you decide to seek an evaluation, it's important that you be actively involved in the process and that you have confidence in the professional with whom you are working. Once you've selected someone to do the testing, find out about his/her skills and overall perspective by asking the following types of questions*:

I would like to know:
  1. What are your credentials?
  2. What training have you had in testing adults with learning disabilities?
  3. How long will the assessment take?
  4. What will the assessment cover?
  5. Will you prepare a written report of the assessment results?
  6. Will you explain the results to me?
  7. Will the assessment give me information about why I am having trouble with my job, studies, or daily life?
  8. Will you give me ideas on how to work around my disability and improve my skills?
  9. How much will it cost? What does the cost cover?
  10. Can insurance cover the cost of the assessment? Are there other funding sources that can help? Can we work out a payment plan?
  11. What if I need additional consultation? Can I continue to come to you for help or will you refer me to someone else? What are the costs for additional consultation?
Knowing the answers to these questions should make you feel confident about your choice of evaluator. If you have doubts, keep searching for another one. Finding out if you have a learning disability is an important step in your journey, and working with someone you trust can make a huge difference.
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